What we offer

The Megacool SDK helps you grow your user base by providing unique gameplay recording and sharing functionality.

Customizable recording

The gameplay recording does not impact the game experience and no user interaction is required. This means that the user doesn't have to anticipate when something cool is going to happen, but can trust that it'll be recorded and available to share when the game session ends. If the game session is longer than what the resulting GIF should be, the SDK provides several methods to trim what is captured down to the essentials.

GIFs can be previewed to the user before sharing, and you can have multiple recordings stored for later if the user wants to preserve their best GIFs inside your game. You can read about how to customize your recordings in our documentation here.

Tailored sharing experience

A GIF is not a .gif. When we talk about GIFs we're talking about short, animated, muted video clips. This can be achieved either with MP4 video files, or an actual .gif. Our SDK intelligently produces what is best suited for each app you're sharing to, using MP4s where possible for efficiency, and .gif for compatibility. Some apps accept neither, but create previews of links shared, which we also utilize to display the GIF.

With our tailored sharing using multiple formats we're able to make the GIF shown on twice as many apps compared to just using .gif, while also including a link back to the game to drive growth. You can read more about our app support here.

Beautiful deep links and referrals

Our links don't just bring new users to your game, but can also take them to a specific location in your game, or auto-connect them with the sender. The links are human readable and you can design them exactly as you prefer and even use your own domain! Want mygame.example.com, or example.com/games/mygame, or even mygamegifs.com as your base url? We can do that, your imagination is the limit!

Both the sender and the receiver can react to link click events, whether they result in a new install or a re-engagement of an existing user. You can use this to provide rewarded referrals to incentivize both sharing and new installs. Setting up referrals in your game is very easy and described in our quickstart guide here.

Screenshot sharing

Our SDK supports sharing screenshots as well as GIFs. This is perfect for letting users show off their new high score, achievements or their awesome game characters.

Megacool screenshots use the same optimized media delivery pipeline we use for GIFs, with individual tailoring for each share destination to make sure your screenshots truly shine.

Minimal impact on the device

We know that performance is essential to you, and we do our best to not negatively impact the experience in any way. All our operations happen on background threads and most games shouldn't notice that recording is going on at all.

The download size of the SDK is 700KB on Android (900KB unpacked), and 2.5MB on iOS (5MB unpacked). We support iOS 7+, Android 4.1.x and up (API level 16) and Unity.



The Megacool SDK gives a deep insight into the user’s journey, including frequency of shares, installs, re-engagement and which apps are most commonly shared to. On the Megacool dashboard you can track all these metrics as well as watching recently shared GIFs and the most popular GIFs from your game!

Live view

The dashboard is capable of being run in a kiosk mode that allows you to view shared GIFs in real-time! Put it up on a screen in the office and enjoy what players are sharing from your game!

Time to get started!

Don’t worry about the implementation, we will guide you the whole way.

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