Player-driven mobile growth through GIFs and referrals

Megacool is a free SDK that integrates seamlessly into your mobile games. We provide your replay sharing, friend referrals, and deep linking, so you can focus on what matters: building your game!

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You’re in good company

Game developers, big and small, are already using the Megacool SDK in their games.

Gameplay recordings

The Megacool SDK supports different types of gameplay recordings. This way you can tailor your recordings to fit your game perfectly!

Referrals and deep linking

Wouldn’t it be nice to let your players easily share your game and onboard their friends with only a few simple taps? With Megacool you can do just that!

Simple integration

The fastest way to record game play. No recording buttons. No cables. You choose when to record the GIF. Just add a few lines of code and players can easily share their personal game moments and invite their friends to play.

void Play () {
void Collision () {
void ShareButtonPressed () {

Viral user acquisition

When users share GIFs we include a link back to the app. As you can read in our case study of C.A.T.S., ZeptoLab saw amazing metrics for users generated through our backlinks compared to organic users:


higher conversion rate to paying users


higher average revenue per user


higher 14-day retention rate


GIFs shared monthly by C.A.T.S. players

“C.A.T.S. is a very successful game with more than 130 million installs worldwide. One of the reasons behind this success is its virality - it's just so much fun to watch and share. With Megacool we were able to push this effect even further, increasing replay shares by more than 80%”
– Max Petrov, CPO, ZeptoLab

Time to get started!

Don’t worry about the implementation, we will guide you the whole way.

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